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Visitors won't want to miss the opportunity to run to Redrock Falls, one of the most scenic falls in Glacier. At about 2 miles into the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail, this gem isn't the easiest waterfall to access, but the relatively manageable distance from the trailhead and the fairly flat trail will be navigable for most.

The journey out to the falls is a part of what makes this a gem, so be sure to take your time on the trail to appreciate your surroundings. Especially near the beginning of the trail, be sure to keep an eye out for year-round residents of the park, especially moose. The shallow waters near Swiftcurrent Creek and Swiftcurrent Lake are prime moose habitat, and it's not uncommon to see these large members of the deer family. From the trailhead, you'll enjoy this relaxing route as you work your way first through pine forests and then through open meadows. The surrounding mountains make for some extra photogenic scenery as they peek through the trees. The trail will eventually pass Redrock Lake, appropriately named for the red rock formations that line its shores.

Just past the lake, an unmarked trail branches south, leading to the falls themselves. This scenic cascade isn't one single waterfall but instead consists of a series of small cascades. The result is a scenic and pleasantly clamorous fall. While there is one main viewing area, an abundance of smaller social trails lead to many other viewpoints if you're looking for multiple vantage points. While you're at the falls, you can enjoy a snack while you take in the incredible beauty provided by the falls and by Swiftcurrent Mountain, which looms in the background.

Once you've had your fill of the falls, you can head back the way that you came or continue on to extend your outing.

Short Run: The Redrock Falls are located about 2 miles up the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail, and the going is relatively easy.

Gem Type: Waterfall

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Mikhaila Redovian


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