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About Trail Run Project

About Trail Run Project

A crowd-sourced trail guide built by outdoor enthusiasts just like you.

Born from the dream to help people get outside, Trail Run Project showcases thousands of routes and trails in your own backyard, across the U.S. and around the globe. When REI Co-op acquired Trail Run Project — and the rest of Adventure Projects — we sought to solidify the future of this amazing resource for the running community. Now, we are dedicated to improving the Trail Run Project website and mobile app to help you plan trips, connect with others, share information and navigate while on the trails. At the Co-op, we believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived, and we offer this free resource as part of our commitment to inspiring, educating and outfitting for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship.

The information on Trail Run Project is largely crowd-sourced, contributed by passionate users excited to share their knowledge of local trails with others. Anyone, from an experienced runner to someone brand new to the sport, can share their experiences. As a contributor, you can add your favorite trails and photos, give ratings and post comments, improve existing content and spread the word about recommended runs. Your expertise brings an authentic voice to each trail and run.

In addition to the local knowledge provided by contributors, at Trail Run Project we manage site content by reviewing every trail, run, photo and symbol that gets submitted. Just like you, we love to get out on our local trails and use Trail Run Project to scheme up new adventures. Because we routinely rely on this data, we recognize the importance of displaying only accurate and legal trails which helps to keep folks on track and protect the places we all love to play.

At Trail Run Project, our job and our goal are the same — to curate guidebook-quality information that inspires runners like you to plan an adventure with confidence. We want to ensure that you're exploring the most popular trails and runs with the most accurate data available. With more content added every day, your options for exploring the outdoors are boundless.

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