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This three-tiered waterfall is one of the loudest and most spectacular in the park, and visitors to the area won't want to miss it. Approached by a short run, the way to the falls is well traveled and well maintained. The trailhead is an access point for multiple trails in the area and fills quickly. You'll want to either come early to find parking or take the shuttle to the trailhead instead.

After making your way through dense forest, visitors will come to the St. Mary River, where the thundering sound of a waterfall can be heard before the falls can be seen. A bridge crossing the river provides stunning views of the first two falls, and these are the most dramatic and photo-worthy of the three tiers. A smaller, third fall is located below the footbridge and is still a worthwhile sight in its own right.

Visitors should take notice of the incredible aquamarine pools that lie below the waterfalls. Due to finely ground rock and mineral deposits, the water becomes a brilliant blue. This color is representative of glacial activity, as "rock flour" is responsible for the unique hue of glacially sourced water.

After stopping to admire St. Mary Falls, continue on to take in Virginia Falls or return back the trailhead, retracing your steps.

Long Walk: The route to the falls is fairly short and is well-maintained. The area is popular, and you'll find yourself admiring the falls among many other visitors.

Gem Type: Waterfall

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Mikhaila Redovian


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