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Alta-Brighton Loop
Alta, UT Oct 25, 2020
Alta-Brighton Loop Alta, UT
Oct 25, 2020
Notes: 11.1 mi — 4h 13m : Tried to extend loop to do East castle and got caught in some hard core scrambling. Bailing was v hard. GORGEOUS TRAIL THO
Lake Solitude
Jackson, WY Oct 20, 2020
Lake Solitude Jackson, WY
Oct 20, 2020
Notes: 18.6 mi — 4h 15m : Off season, ferry not working so had to park and run to trailhead. Snowy up by the lake. Micro spikes not needed. Views were ok. Tons of wildlife
Mt. Olympus Trail
Holladay, UT Sep 20, 2020
Mt. Olympus Trail Holladay, UT
Sep 20, 2020
Notes: 8.9 mi — 6h 30m : Took way longer than expected. Trail is not that scenic, especially compared to other SLC hikes. Best part is the easy, fun scramble to top
Pipeline Trail: Burch Hollow, Millcreek Canyon
Mount Olympus, UT Sep 15, 2020
Pipeline Trail: Burch Hollow, Millcreek Canyon Mount Olympus, UT
Sep 15, 2020
Notes: 9.6 mi — 1h 37m : Couldn't tell exactly where to turn around. Trail is A BIT rocky. I thought it was trail running heaven.
Lake Blanche Trail
Cottonwood Heights, UT Sep 14, 2020
Lake Blanche Trail Cottonwood Heights, UT
Sep 14, 2020
Notes: 6.3 mi — 2h 13m : Definitely more than a little underwhelmed by the lake at the top. Most of trail too rocky for trail running and views were mostly through trees
Mt. Rose Summit Trail
Incline Village, NV Sep 11, 2020
Mt. Rose Summit Trail Incline Village, NV
Sep 11, 2020
Notes: 12.3 mi — 3h 16m : MOST BEAUTIFUL TRAIL! Excellent for trail running, save a rocky patch near the top. Even with TONS of smoke and 0 visibility of lake, still recommend