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Lower Macleay Trail
Portland, OR May 27, 2017
Lower Macleay Trail Portland, OR
May 27, 2017
Notes: 0.8 mi
Summit Loop
Terrebonne, OR May 16, 2017
Summit Loop Terrebonne, OR
May 16, 2017
Notes: 8.5 mi : Amazing trail run with great views. Shale makes this trail butter ran with trail shoes
Eagle Creek Trail to Tunnel Falls
Cascade Locks, OR May 10, 2017
Eagle Creek Trail to Tunnel Falls Cascade Locks, OR
May 10, 2017
Notes: 12.6 mi : Trail in good condition. Once you get into the wilderness section the trail dictates a more hiking friendly pace. Go .5 mi past tunnel for last falls
Nature Trail / Wild Cherry Loop
Portland, OR May 8, 2017
Nature Trail / Wild Cherry Loop Portland, OR
May 8, 2017
Notes: 10.8 mi : Trail is in moderate to excellent condition. 3 logs down, only one you can't take in stride. Further north west (away from Thurman) becomes muddy