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The Deadening Alpine Trail
Tallassee, AL Jul 20, 2019
The Deadening Alpine Trail Tallassee, AL
Jul 20, 2019
Notes: 4.2 mi — 1h 40m
Alum Cave - Cliff Top Out and Back
Gatlinburg, TN May 18, 2019
Alum Cave - Cliff Top Out and Back Gatlinburg, TN
May 18, 2019
Notes: 10.8 mi — 3h 25m : A very well groomed trail, under foliage for 95%.. Moderate traffic on the trail after 10am.
Swayback Bridge Trail
Holtville, AL May 16, 2019
Swayback Bridge Trail Holtville, AL
May 16, 2019
Notes: 7 mi — 2h 17m : The Red 7 mile loop starts of with about 2 miles of flat smooth trail. The next 5 miles is gently rolling singletrack with plenty of roots to avoid.