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Sawtooth Lake (from Iron Creek Trailhead)
Challis, ID Nov 9, 2019
Sawtooth Lake (from Iron Creek Trailhead) Challis, ID
Nov 9, 2019
Notes: 10 mi : Plenty of snow after a few miles. Ice turned to mid on the way back. Gorgeous views, though!
The Hub Out-and-Back
Santa Monica, CA Sep 2, 2017
The Hub Out-and-Back Santa Monica, CA
Sep 2, 2017
Notes: 9.1 mi : So stinkin hot! Nice to have shade at times, at least. Got spooked by a rattlesnake, too!
Alta Trail
Laveen, AZ Jul 6, 2017
Alta Trail Laveen, AZ
Jul 6, 2017
Notes: 7.2 mi
Sunset Ridge to Dawn Mine Loop
Altadena, CA Jul 2, 2017
Sunset Ridge to Dawn Mine Loop Altadena, CA
Jul 2, 2017
Notes: 5.9 mi — 1h 32m : That climb sure is something! No joke about the start of Dawn Mine Trail - it's steep / narrow / loose dirt. Amazing finish along the creek.
Parker Mesa Overlook
Las Flores, CA Jun 30, 2017
Parker Mesa Overlook Las Flores, CA
Jun 30, 2017
Notes: 2.3 mi — 40m : Only made it up to the first viewpoint, as I was with a friend who wanted to make it a shorter day. No biggie, as the view from there was great!