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gem Favorite Ute Indian petroglyphs near Wolfe Ranch

Wolfe Ranch Petroglyphs

(22) Moab, UT
gem Favorite Mina Sauk Falls from the Ozark Trail

Mina Sauk Falls

(3) Ironton, MO
gem Favorite hot springs

Conundrum Hot Springs

(8) Crested…, CO
gem Favorite Sunrise from the campsite

Sahale Arm

(3) Diablo, WA
gem Favorite Mail Box at the Rock House

Rock House

(3) Winter…, CO
gem Favorite Clowns have vandalized it over the years but it is still very powerful to behold and ponder what these men survived.

B-23 Dragon Bomber Crash Site

(2) McCall, ID
gem Favorite waterfall landscape

Turkey Creek Falls

(3) Pinson, AL
gem Favorite Pictures never do this waterfall justice. As you descend the stairs into the gorge where Caribou Falls resides, you'll stand in awe of the wonder that towers before you.

Caribou Falls

(3) Silver Bay, MN
gem Favorite Looking across the San Bernardino Mts, at Mt. San Antonio (Baldy), in the San Gabriel Mts, from the Keller Peak Fire Lookout.

Keller Peak Fire Lookout

(3) Running…, CA
gem Favorite Dripping Spring

Van Patten's Dripping Springs Resort Ruins

(6) White S…, NM
gem Favorite Beautiful views from the top.

Bearwallow Mountain

(3) Edneyville, NC
gem Favorite Sundown at Penner Lake, Tahoe National Forest.

Penner Lake

(8) Downiev…, CA
gem Favorite The north face of Mount Thielsen from Howlock Mountain.

Summit of Mount Thielsen

(3) Crater…, OR
gem Favorite Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool

(8) The Hills, TX
gem Favorite Red Rock Falls

Redrock Falls

(20) Swiftcu…, MT
gem Favorite Panorama of Liberty Cap during a winter sunrise. with permission from Hobbes7714 Photo Credit: Andrew Wahr  Link:

Liberty Cap

(8) Redlands, CO
gem Favorite Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls

(3) Te Anau, NZ
gem Favorite Crystal Cave - stalactites

Crystal Cave

(3) Three R…, CA
gem Favorite Sunrise from the Watchman Overlook. The sun lights up the peaks on the opposite side of the valley. Definitely worth getting up there in the morning for this great view.

Watchman Viewpoint

(24) Springdale, UT
gem Favorite Skull Rock peeks up through the surrounding boulders. Photo credit: NPS/Robb Hannawacker.

Skull Rock

(34) Twentyn…, CA
gem Favorite Slack-liner Shows Off 3'000ft Above The Ground At Taft Point.

Taft Point

(8) Yosemit…, CA
gem Favorite Vast swaths of limestone cap Powell Point.

Powell Point

(3) Escalante, UT
gem Favorite Ithaca Falls remains a gorgeous sight in the winter.

Ithaca Falls

(3) Cayuga…, NY
gem Favorite Lynn Canal is gorgeous looking southeast from the summit of Mt. Juneau.

Mt. Juneau Summit

(3) Juneau, AK
gem Favorite Looking down the trail to Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Viewpoint

(6) San Fra…, CA
gem Favorite View from Sculpture Falls (wintertime). Barton creek is known for its beautiful blue-green water.

Sculpture Falls

(9) Rolling…, TX
gem Favorite Lassen Peak across the Cinder Cone crater

Cinder Cone

(3) Chester, CA
gem Favorite Sunset @ Mistake Point, Little Jackass Creek, Sinkyone Wilderness, CA

Little Jackass Creek - The Lost Coast

(3) Redway, CA
gem Favorite The old entrance to Marion Mine.

Marion Mine

(6) Colorad…, CO
gem Favorite Hanging Rock near 1st Bridge, Jasper NP

Maligne Canyon

(3) Jasper…, AB