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gem Favorite Cable car over the Chilliwack.

Chilliwack Cable Car

(1) Diablo, WA
gem Favorite A temporary waterfall after the waves crashed over the rocks at the end of the peninsula.

Dragon's Teeth

(1) Napili-…, HI
gem Favorite View from Jump Rock looking north along Little North Mountain, with Elliott Knob - the highest point in the George Washington NF and higher than anything in Shenandoah National Park - visible behind on the left.

Jump Rock Vista

(1) East Le…, VA
gem Favorite View north from summit of Cole Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, with summits as far away as Shenandoah National Park easily visible.

Cole Mountain Summit

(1) Buena V…, VA
gem Favorite Devil's Tea Table

Devil's Tea Table

(2) Gassville, AR
gem Favorite Heart Lake

Heart Lake

(1) Port An…, WA
gem Favorite A small cave located shortly past the natural arch!  This isn't a deep cave, but is a good spot for photos!

Clifty Creek Natural Arch

(2) Dixon, MO
gem Favorite Creque Marine Railway and House

Creque Marine Railway and Powerhouse Ruins

(2) Charlot…, VI
gem Favorite Leinster Bay Trail, Virgin Islands National Park.

Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

(1) Cruz Bay, VI
gem Favorite Looking back to Plummer Peak

Pinnacle Saddle

(1) Greenwater, WA
gem Favorite Beautiful views from the top.

Bearwallow Mountain

(2) Edneyville, NC
gem Favorite Bullion Falls

Bullion Falls

(1) Junction, UT
gem Favorite A closeup of Cascade Falls coming out of the cliff

Cascade Falls

(1) Parowan, UT
gem Favorite The Grey Glacier, viewed from the top of the John Gardner Pass

John Gardner Pass

(2) Puerto…, CL
gem Favorite No photo can do the Torres del Paine justice - get out there and experience their splendor for yourself!

Mirador Base Torres

(1) Puerto…, CL
gem Favorite Views of the Hickory Nut Gorge from Rattlesnake Knob.

Rattlesnake Knob

(2) Fairview, NC
gem Favorite Footbridge over Plummer Branch on the Beaver-Rock Trail.

Pine Barrens

(2) Marlbor…, MD
gem Favorite Beneath Big Creek Cave Falls

Big Creek Cave Falls

(1) Jasper, AR
gem Favorite Kaaterskill Waterfall takes on an entirely new character in wintertime.

Kaaterskill Falls

(1) Palenville, NY
gem Favorite Big Bish Falls from above.

Bash Bish Falls

(1) Sheffield, MA
gem Favorite Hanging Rock near 1st Bridge, Jasper NP

Maligne Canyon

(1) Jasper…, AB
gem Favorite Sunrise at Pueblo del Arroyo

Pueblo del Arroyo

(1) Crownpoint, NM
gem Favorite Kin Klesto with my back to the cliff

Kin Klesto

(1) Crownpoint, NM
gem Favorite Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito

(1) Crownpoint, NM
gem Favorite Snake Indian Falls along the North Boundary Trail.

Snake Indian Falls

(1) Hinton, AB
gem Favorite Aescher

Wildkirchli Cave

(1) Appenzell, CH
gem Favorite Kachaghakaberd is a 9th century ruined fortress. A turret can still be see clinging to the sheer wall of the fortress. Foundational walls and some battlements are also visible on top of the once mighty stronghold.

Kachaghakaberd (Fortress)

(1) Xocalı, AZ
gem Favorite Gtichavank Monastery

Gtichavank Monastery

(1) Qırmızı…, AZ
gem Favorite Admiring the finely detailed carvings on St. John the Baptist Cathedral at Gandzasar Monastery.

Gandzasar Monastery

(1) Xocalı, AZ
gem Favorite The Piton de la Fournaise with the Formica Leo in the foreground. Picture by B.navez, cc-by-sa-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0.

Piton de la Fournaise

(0) Saint-P…, RE