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Recommended Routes, Photos, & More

gem Favorite View from Big Moose Scenic Outlook ( with a dragonfly photobombing :D ).

Big Moose Scenic Outlook

(1) Greenville, ME
gem Favorite Standing Rock and Caves side trail.

Singhampton Cave

(1) Colling…, ON
gem Favorite It's a whole different environment! Much cooler down here.


(1) Colling…, ON
gem Favorite National Creek Falls

National Creek Falls

(1) Crater…, OR
gem Favorite Layers of Shades

Steptoe Butte

(1) Colfax, WA
gem Favorite Westward view from the top of the lighthouse.

Fire Island Lighthouse

(1) Islip, NY
gem Favorite Sunken Forest sign in the dunes.

Sunken Forest

(1) West Sa…, NY
gem Favorite Historic Old Stone Dam across Cottonwood Creek.

Allen's Old Stone Dam

(1) Allen, TX
gem Favorite Looking southeast from the top of Prospect Peak, one can look into Cinder Cone below (center lower left). On the horizon are Red Cinder and Red CInder Cone (right center). Snag Lake (right) with Mt Hoffman nearby, behind it, are also seen.

Prospect Peak

(1) Chester, CA
gem Favorite Boardwalk leading out of the bog.

Bog Board Walk

(1) Shell Lake, WI
gem Favorite Approach to the summit

Rock Dunder Summit

(1) Gananoque, ON
gem Favorite Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

(1) Glasgow, VA
gem Favorite Blue Ridge Tunnel East Entrance

Blue Ridge Tunnel

(3) Waynesboro, VA
gem Favorite The Cerne Abbas Giant" by Pete Harlow

Carne Abbas Giant

(1) Dorchester, GB
gem Favorite View from the top of Bald Knob (located at the end of the Bald Knob Trail).

Bald Knob

(2) Pembroke, VA
gem Favorite Spy Rock view looking West

Spy Rock

(1) Perth, ON
gem Favorite The top brings incredible views of the surrounding area as a reward for your effort.

Dragon's Tooth

(2) Salem, VA
gem Favorite Looking at the Catawba Valley from Tinker Cliffs.

Tinker Cliffs

(2) Daleville, VA
gem Favorite View from Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory.

Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory

(1) Union, WV
gem Favorite Castle Craig on a chilly fall day

Castle Craig

(1) Meriden, CT
gem Favorite The Bureau of Land Management sign at the parking lot of the speedway.

Bonneville Speedway

(1) Wendover, UT
gem Favorite The historic Navajo Bridge from the viewpoint.

Navajo Bridge

(3) LeChee, AZ
gem Favorite A hiker looking out from Windy Point.

Windy Point

(1) Tanque…, AZ
gem Favorite View of Grand Falls flowing at about 300 cfs.

Grand Falls

(1) Flagstaff, AZ
gem Favorite View from camp.

Alstrom Point

(1) Escalante, UT
gem Favorite City Lake Falls

City Lake Falls

(2) Algood, TN
gem Favorite The Dinosaur Trackway

Dinosaur Trackway

(1) Cromwell, CT
gem Favorite Beckley Iron Furnace

Beckley Iron Furnace

(1) Canaan, CT
gem Favorite The road leading to the main Gates Pass parking area.

Gates Pass

(1) Tucson…, AZ
gem Favorite Donevan Trail forest in winter.

Landon Bay Lookout

(1) Gananoque, ON