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Eric Lamkin
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I've added a few symbols to trails I've added, mostly water sources and parking.  I did not add any detail descriptions at the time.  I'd like to add some info on to the parking symbol and water source symbols, but there does not appear to be any way to edit, move, or delete these symbols I created.  Am I missing something? — Sep 28, 2016

Kristen Arendt
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Hey Eric,

Thanks for the follow-up on these symbols! It would be great to get some details added. Right now, there is no way to edit a symbol once it is submitted. If you don't mind sending me an email with a link to the symbols that need to be updated, I am happy to either delete these symbols so you can re-add them with details or I can edit them with the appropriate details! My email is kristen@adventureprojects.net.


Kristen — Sep 30, 2016

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