Submitting Feedback While Not Logged In - Save form input

JonathanC Callahan
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If you're going to require someone to login to send feedback (e.g. submitting a local tip on the landing page of an area), could you try saving the form data so that everything you've typed up isn't lost upon clicking submit and getting the error message? Kind of a bummer to go to the trouble of filling out a description of an area with no beta, hit submit, and get hit with a "you must login" error and find your description wiped.  — Sep 23, 2016

Kristen Arendt
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Hi Jonathan,

Shoot, that does suck. I will pass this info along to our team so we can get that fixed - no one likes to lose their work! 

Thanks for the feedback!

Kristen — Sep 26, 2016

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