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Two suggestions for improvements in the user interface when uploading photos

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Ben Crowell · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 138

I took my dogs out this afternoon to do a little photoshoot in order to provide an image for a trail I wrote up. The dogs enjoyed it, except that it was a little hot. I enjoyed it, but I do have a couple of suggestions for how to improve the user interface for uploading photos.

(1) The UI forces me to give my own photo a star rating. This is kind of strange. I can understand giving a star rating to my own trail description, since that's a rating of how enjoyable or scenic the trail is. But for my own photo, it doesn't make sense to me to ask me to ask me to rate how good my own photography is. This is different from how mountainproject works, and I think the way mountainproject does it makes more sense.

(2) The UI seems to want photos to have an aspect ratio of 0.3 or greater, but it would be nice to have a clearer error message for this. The error message that actually comes up complains that the resolution is too low, but actually what's happened in my case was that the x resolution had been scaled down to the maximum of 2000, and then the y resolution was too low after the rescaling. It does tell me that if it's a panorama, I might need to crop it, but it doesn't say how much I have to crop it in order to make it acceptable. For the condition where the resolution is actually high enough, it would be better to have a clearer error message that doesn't complain about resolution and instead states clearly what the minimum aspect ratio is.

Kristen Arendt · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2015 · Points: 3,568

Hi Ben,

Good catch on the aspect ratio--I agree we could make that error message more clear to better specify what minimum aspect ratio is required when cropping a panoramic photo. I'll make a note to see if we can get that language clarified and updated.

Regarding photos, the way our system works is that the photos on the trail page are organized by star rating. Ideally, we would like to collect these star ratings from the community, but right now the Trail Run Project community isn't quite as active as the Mountain Project community, so we require the self-star rating just to make sure that we can logically order the photos on the trail page, and to make sure that we don't miss any four or five star photos right out of the gate! As the community becomes more active, we can hopefully re-evaluate this requirement.



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