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Trail Running Footwear Questionnaire (Sports Product Design)

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Sheldon Maxwell · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 0

Hello, all! I am currently looking for innovation spaces within the trail running footwear industry. I would love your input!

Thanks for your time!

  1. Why do you buy trail running shoes? 
  2. What brand and model of trail running shoe do you currently wear/own?
  3. What is your favorite thing about your current trail running footwear?
  4. What frustrates you about your current trail running footwear?
  5. Tell me about the best trail running shoe (brand and model) you’ve ever worn? Why?
  6. Tell me about the worst trail running shoe (brand and model) you’ve ever worn and what could be done to improve this product?
  7. What are some environmental issues that cause you problems during your runs and how do you deal with these issues?
  8. What are some terrain issues that cause problems during your run and what do you do to deal with this?
  9. Have you ever injured yourself while training or in a trail running event because of your footwear? If so, how?
  10. If you could snap your fingers and have a customized trail running shoe made for yourself (and price was not an issue), what would it be like? Explain how it would perform, what color it would be, materials, coverage, cushioning, traction.
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