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Favorite Balanced Rock is one of the top sunrise hikes! With views to the east the mountains of Sierra del Carmen light up a spectacular purple. Contrasted with the light, bouldered desert landscape it is a sight to behold.

Balanced Rock

2.0 mi 3.1 km 236' Up 71.83 m Up 235' Down 71.78 m Down

Big Ben…, TX
Favorite View from the summit of South Bubble.

Bubble Rock

1.2 mi 1.9 km 288' Up 87.74 m Up 288' Down 87.64 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite Sentinel Dome Summit

Taft Point to Sentinel Dome Loop

5.5 mi 8.9 km 1,051' Up 320.3 m Up 1,043' Down 317.87 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Some awesome sea stack views

Ozette Triangle

9.6 mi 15.4 km 578' Up 176.07 m Up 571' Down 174.04 m Down

Forks, WA
Favorite Serious snow makes the Hidden Fawn Trail a little spicy!

Three Sisters Loop

3.8 mi 6.1 km 526' Up 160.2 m Up 525' Down 160.13 m Down

Evergreen, CO
Favorite View to Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls

2.3 mi 3.7 km 654' Up 199.46 m Up 686' Down 209.02 m Down

Bridal…, OR
Favorite The saddle above Flatiron Trail, lit by the city, about 2:30AM. For me, the moment the camera earned its pack weight.

Superstition Ridgeline

11.2 mi 18.1 km 3,431' Up 1045.89 m Up 3,286' Down 1001.49 m Down

Apache…, AZ
Favorite On top of Mt Ida looking southwest you see several valleys as well as Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake in the distance

Mount Ida

9.5 mi 15.3 km 2,231' Up 679.92 m Up 2,228' Down 679.21 m Down

Grand Lake, CO
Favorite The view near the top of Storm King Mountain.

Storm King Mountain

2.4 mi 3.9 km 455' Up 138.62 m Up 460' Down 140.21 m Down

Cornwal…, NY
Favorite Redwood National and State Parks - Redwood Hiker

James Irvine to Fern Canyon

11.9 mi 19.1 km 1,610' Up 490.67 m Up 1,610' Down 490.63 m Down

Crescen…, CA
Favorite Bar Island view at low tide. with permission from E Koh

Bar Island Trail

1.5 mi 2.4 km 132' Up 40.22 m Up 132' Down 40.21 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite Mid March 2019

Centennial Cone Loop

17.2 mi 27.7 km 2,430' Up 740.55 m Up 2,428' Down 739.91 m Down

Idaho S…, CO
Favorite Flat, sandy trail and lovely flora along the link trail.

Mt. Lowe Railway Ruins

5.3 mi 8.5 km 1,344' Up 409.63 m Up 1,344' Down 409.51 m Down

Altadena, CA
Favorite Milky Way from the park

Deer Mountain

6.3 mi 10.1 km 1,325' Up 403.97 m Up 1,325' Down 403.92 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Along the Peralta Canyon Trail, you'll have a spectacular view of the mountains behind you as you're on your way to Weaver's Needle.

Peralta Out and Back

4.5 mi 7.2 km 1,338' Up 407.81 m Up 1,337' Down 407.66 m Down

Gold Camp, AZ
Favorite Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, United States

Kilauea Iki Crater Loop

3.3 mi 5.3 km 472' Up 143.77 m Up 458' Down 139.51 m Down

Volcano, HI
Favorite Majestic waterfall

Falls Trail

6.7 mi 10.8 km 1,025' Up 312.42 m Up 1,024' Down 312 m Down

Back Mo…, PA
Favorite Just steps from the trailhead

Redwood Regional Loop

7.3 mi 11.8 km 1,089' Up 331.82 m Up 1,088' Down 331.74 m Down

Piedmont, CA
Favorite Walking into Enchanted Valley with the Chalet in view.

Enchanted Valley Route

35.2 mi 56.7 km 4,414' Up 1345.51 m Up 4,414' Down 1345.47 m Down

Quinault, WA
Favorite Looking south across Gem Lake on a calm spring morning

Lumpy Ridge Loop

10.7 mi 17.2 km 2,361' Up 719.53 m Up 2,387' Down 727.44 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Upheaval Dome from the first overlook

Upheaval Dome Overlook Trail

1.4 mi 2.3 km 278' Up 84.69 m Up 278' Down 84.7 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite exposed area with the view of the north fork American river

Stevens Trail

7.7 mi 12.4 km 1,275' Up 388.71 m Up 1,276' Down 388.84 m Down

Colfax, CA
Favorite Views of Long Pond from Beech Mountain

Beech Mountain Trail

1.2 mi 1.9 km 353' Up 107.61 m Up 353' Down 107.48 m Down

Tremont, ME
Favorite Ancient ruins.

Petroglyph Point Trail

2.2 mi 3.6 km 428' Up 130.47 m Up 169' Down 51.48 m Down

Towaoc, CO
Favorite View from Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock Trail

2.7 mi 4.3 km 443' Up 135.15 m Up 440' Down 134.24 m Down

Danbury, NC
Favorite Windswept trees just below the summit...

San Antonio Falls - Sierra Club Ski Hut - Devil's Backbone

10.8 mi 17.3 km 3,810' Up 1161.35 m Up 3,813' Down 1162.11 m Down

Mount B…, CA
Favorite Aspen forests adorn the trail.

Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Loop

12.3 mi 19.8 km 1,921' Up 585.38 m Up 1,917' Down 584.31 m Down

Buena V…, CO
Favorite Heading towards Grassy Ridge Bald.

Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge Bald

4.7 mi 7.5 km 986' Up 300.52 m Up 985' Down 300.25 m Down

Roan Mo…, TN
Favorite Near Sam's Knob

Sam Knob Loop

9.8 mi 15.7 km 1,393' Up 424.63 m Up 1,402' Down 427.37 m Down

Brevard, NC
Favorite Storm clouds on the Castle Trail.

Badlands: Medicine Root/Castle/Saddle Pass Loop

7.0 mi 11.2 km 189' Up 57.51 m Up 189' Down 57.51 m Down

Kadoka, SD