Broken: World Record for Largest Santa Run

Fuel your miles with plenty of milk and cookies.

This year, 5,025 runners dressed as Santa to log five miles in Virginia Beach, breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Santa run of all time. Each runner had to cross the finish line in full costume. Required apparel? Red pants, a red jacket, hat, black belt, and white beard.

This Santa run looks like a blast, and though we personally prefer trails over pavement, these runners know that the best way to celebrate the holidays is on your feet. Here, a roundup of the top reasons to spend the next few days pounding the dirt or snow:

To Train for Skiing

“Going to sneak in some long runs to keep my ski legs up to snuff this weekend. Any tips for making the time pass when I’m slogging along at mile five?” —@whitneyljames

To Make the Most of the Daylight

“Getting out the door when it’s snowing, dark, and cold is never easy. But catching a sunrise totally makes it worth it!” —@timtollefson

To Feel the Wind in Your Hair

“Dashing through the snow, in a pair of running shoes, over the hill we go, laughing all the way! Merry Christmas everyone!! —@runlikeagirl_ca

To Enjoy the Snow and Mountains

“A little throwback to last year’s winter solstice in search of the #lightbro – this year we embrace so much more snow on the trails. I’m so in love with our playground and how much the mountains have to offer.” —@kristianmanietta

To Spend Time with the Ones You Love

…in the best place around: the great outdoors. “Sticky snow problems…” —@lizzie.bear